I Need A Girlfriend

I Need A Girlfriend And I need One Now!!!

I’ve been without a girlfriend for well over a year, that was until I joined passion search about four months ago, and now I’m in love with the most perfect girl in the world called Sarah.

Ye I know it sounds really corny and slushy, but the truth is I am in love with her and she’s in love with me. But it was only a few months ago that we didn’t even know each other, and we were both lonely and looking for someone to love, so I decided to look into online dating to see if that could help me, I tried quite a few dating agencies to start with, but they all seemed to have very few women in my area as members.

Then I saw an advert online titled I need a girlfriend which took me to a site called passion search and decided to give it ago, this was slightly different to all the other dating site’s I was a member of, it seemed to be aimed at all types of people looking not only for love but casual relationships as well.

What I did notice with passion search was the amount of members in my area, there were over seventy women in a fifty mile radius of me, all looking to find a partner. So I started to email a few of these ladies hoping for a reply, and that very same day I received twelve emails back. But there was one young lady I really took a fancy to, and we started to chat to each other via web cams.

Three days later we decided to meet up in person, and since that day we have hardly been separated, we just seem to hit it off with each other straight away, and now Sarah is moving in with me next month and I am so looking forward to waking up every morning to see her beautiful face beside me.

I’ve written this blog I Need A Girlfriend to recommend passion search to anyone who is lonely and looking for a relationship, I cannot thank this site enough for bringing me and Sarah together, and if it can work for us then I am sure it can work for you to.

To visit passion search please click this link www.passionsearch.com

I have since left passion search as a member as I no longer need it, but I still receive regular emails from women still trying to find there dating match, I tend to email some back occasionally and tell them my story which I hope gives them hope in finding someone soon.

If you decide to take a look and visit passion search, please allow time for the page to load, as I noticed when I visited the site it could be slow at times to load up.

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